Misfits Oops Bags

Misfits Oops Bags

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Mimi Messed Up! These stickers are on Matte, foil color will be random. There will be NO duplicates.


-- Can contain any items in the shops in mix sizes.

-- This is at least 50% off if not more on the entire shop



    -- There are various sheets in each oops pack.
    ---- The sheet may be imperfect in someway, such as misfoiled, miscuts and/or old sticker paper. Because of this, they are unfit for full retail value. Instead, you can grab these as an amazing value!

    -- Some may be be missing one sticker (used in photography!)
    -- Some sheets may be 90% perfect or 50% perfect. 
    -- Some sheets may be cut slightly off from the center.
    -- Each Individual packs will NOT have duplicates 

    When you purchase these, you acknowledge that these are considered misfits with imperfections. No returns or refunds will be available for this listing.

    ** If you purchase multiple of these, there is NO GUARANTEE you will not get duplicates